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Professional Painting Services in Wagga Wagga NSW

exterior of townhouse painted in Wagga

Exterior Painting Wagga Wagga

  • Exterior Wall Painting
  • Roof and gutter painting
  • Fence Painter
  • Deck painter
interior of house painted by professional painter in Wagga

Interior Painting Wagga Wagga

  • Interior Wall Painting
  • Wet area painting
  • Ceiling painting
  • Kitchen painting 

High Quality Painting in Wagga Wagga

Work with a team of professional painters that are reliable, affordable and are really good at what they do.

Exterior Painting in Wagga Wagga

If you’re after a cost effective and incredibly powerful way to add value and freshness to your home, consider painting the external walls and or roof of your house in Wagga.

The exterior of our homes, especially the roof, is exposed to the elements all day, every day. Rain, hail, sunshine and wind. Repainting the exterior of your home is required on average every 5-10years depending on the type of paint you have, the surface that is painted and the weather/environmental conditions. Keeping up a regular maintenance schedule ensure your house is adequately protected from the harsh elements.

It is a great opportunity to revamp your street appeal, choosing a colour and shade that suits your style, keeps your house looking fresh and can also protect your house from the elements by sealing and acting as a shield for your roof and walls.

Preparation of the surface is key in getting the best longevity out of your exterior paint job. Our expert painting team will go the extra mile to ensure that the surface is prepared correctly, no shortcuts!

Our exterior painting service includes helping you select the colour that is ideal for your home, with colour consultation and also help in deciding what type of paint and even what brand we recommend for the material of your home.


Roof and gutter painting

Our roof and gutter painting services are available to you, we recommend having a roofer inspect the roof prior to our painting it and repair any damages or areas of deterioration, this way you will get the best bang for your buck when we paint your roof and gutters.

A very underestimated but important factor in street appeal!


Timber Fence painter

Painting timber fences is an important maintenance task which can be both tedious and extremely time consuming.

Save yourself the hassle of trying to paint your fence with a hand brush, we have equipment that is efficient but more importantly will get a better, more even result for your fence. Whether your timber fence is in need of revitalisation or regular maintenance we’ve got you covered with workmanship you can rely on at the right price.

We also paint fences of other materials: timber, steel, composite, you name it.


Deck painter

If you have a deck that needs a little spruce up, give it some love with a new lick of paint.

Painting your deck will shed years off the look of the timber, we also will paint the trimmings and handrails and the lot if that’s what you’re after!.

fence painting in Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Interior Painting in Wagga Wagga

Bring immediate and lasting freshness to the interior of your home with a fresh coat (or two) of modern, beautiful paint.

Our experienced painting team will help you choose the colour scheme that best suits and compliments the rest of your home and your style.

If you have already selected a colour then we can bypass this step and get straight to sampling and preparing the area!

A cost effective way to freshen up your home without needing to take down walls or even change lighting. It is as ‘cosmetic’ as it comes as far as renovating goes.

Wall preparation is paramount in determining how long  the paint will last without flacking, chipping or just deteriorating. Part of our interior wall painting process (and for all painting surfaces for that matter). All surfaces are cleaned, sanded (if appropriate), primed and ready to be painted. We don’t cut corners in the preparation phase because we know that this will really make a difference whether your paint lasts 2 years or 10 years!


Ceiling Painting

You don’t normally notice ceilings… until they’re painted and they all of a sudden lighten up your whole house and make it appear so much fresher.

Our ceiling painting service include as mentioned above, preparation, colour selection, priming and painting.



 Wet Area Painting

Thinking to paint a wet area such as your bathroom? The process of our painting is evidently pretty similar, however the preparation phase is a bit more involved and it will impact the choice in paints as well.

When getting a FREE quote about wet area painting in your home in Wagga Wagga, be sure to let our painters know if it is a wet area.

The single best thing you can do to get more time out of your paint is to ventilate the area! Use the exhaust fan, open windows when you can. This will reduce the moisture and condensation that over time deteriorated the paint.



Kitchen Painting


Don’t forget to paint the kitchen that you’re planning to renovate!

We can also paint kitchen cabinetry if required. This is a super efficient resource way to make your kitchen that much newer.

And after all the work is done, we make sure we clean up after ourselves and leave your property as neat and clean as we left it so that you can get home and just enjoy your freshly painted house!

interior painters wagga NSW 2650
Your local Painters in Wagga, About Us

We are a team of professional painters that are really good at what we do.

We are proud of our contribution, as honest tradespeople to the ever developing and improving Wagga.

With a growing population and many reasons why people would want to move here, we anticipate the development will only continue and we’re happy to be part of the changing street scape with our painting services.

If you’re looking for realisable and honest local painters in Wagga Wagga, with skills that will ensure that your house or commercial property look awesome, we are the team for you.

We try to make our painting services as affordable as we can, we may not be the cheapest painters in town but we our prices are affordable and importantly, we offer high quality workmanship in all of the projects we take on, from odd domestic jobs through to large scale commercial jobs and everything in between.

We’re a locally owned licensed painting company that cares about our customers and jobs long after we’ve completed them. Call us today for a free quote!


House Painting in Wagga Wagga


We are trusted tradespeople in Wagga and we are proud to be local here. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our painting services that we offer. 


How do you paint the inside of a house if you are still living in it?

We try our very best to minimise the interruption and disruption to your normal life with our painting. 

Firstly we schedule a time that is suitable to both of us, especially you. 

Secondly we are efficient which minimises the interruption to your week. 

We use low toxicity paints and primers to reduce the smell as well as promote better wellbeing for our clients and our team members. 

We clean up after ourselves! 

Do you paint water damaged ceilings?

Water damaged ceilings need to be repaired or replaced before we paint them. This is because if we paint a damaged ceiling we are just aesthetically and temporarily hiding the problem and it will result in mould growth and damage spreading, not to mention that the leak is still there! 

We recommend having a plasterer inspect the ceiling and repair the water damaged area or replace the damaged section prior to our team painting the ceiling. 

You’ll get a better result and it will last a lot longer. 

If the damage is purely aesthetic and the ceiling is structurally intact we do offer services to paint the water damaged ceiling, given that it is in good condition and only needs some paint to restore it. 

Do you paint commercial properties?

Yes, our professional painters service commercial properties in Wagga. From offices to schools to businesses and hotels, we paint the interior and exterior of commercial properties. 

Do you use non toxic or low toxicity paints?

Most definitely yes. We opt for low toxicity products to reduce the risk of any negative impacts due to fumes. With low toxicity products you won’t smell the usual strong wet paint smell that lingers for days. This means that you can live comfortably in the home whilst we paint, your business can operate as normal and your staff can be in the office when the painting is happening. 

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